Black and blue

So comfortably numb

after just a split second
of feeling strangely dumb.
It’s quite normal, I reckon…
I wish I were so good.
No, wish I were just better
Never really understood
as to why it should matter.
You wanna be bad.
And so desperately loyal
to someone who had
no clue of my truely royal
sense of admiration
for a person so dull
as if under sedation.
Now banging my skull
against the concrete wall
of ignorant, dull bliss.
A love so incredibly small
Nothing but a major kiss.
What did I ever see
In a person sad as you.
Put you over my knee.
Butt black and blue.

But I’m not allowed to…

(c) Lou

4 reacties op “Black and blue

  1. Joost Lips schreef:

    Spoken so brightly
    this…what it is and not,,,,


  2. Kan ik niet lezen.
    Is het Sjinees?


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